Welcome to the official website of Symantha Reagor, writer of Fantasy, Spec Poetry, and Video Game Narrative.

Symantha managed and coordinated Halo Waypoint’s vast Universe (Encyclopedia) content and schedule for HaloWaypoint.com. When the new website shipped in 2014, it was a combined effort with Content, Franchise, Localization, and Design to ship over ~150 entries.

In addition to scheduling and coordination, Symantha implemented many of the CMS entries. Her awareness of dependencies aided all teams and helped drive scheduled ship dates. Symantha’s willingness to learn the CMS and provide CMS functionality feedback was a boon to content production, improved the CMS product as a whole, and, as a result, streamlined the entire process at launch and throughout continued sustain cycles for 1.5 years.

Symantha drove a complicated product to completion. Furthermore, her organization aided my team to consistently deliver content within deadlines. Thank you, Symantha. Halo Waypoint would not be what it is without your dedication to the product and content.

Tiana Los

For the past 2 years, Symantha has been working on the In Your Write Mind Workshop committee as the communications and social media chair. As the treasurer and fundraising chair, Sy has helped me get word out about donations and generate excitement for fundraising activities. She has been instrumental in keeping our attendees up-to-date and engaged throughout the year. She’s an amazing part of the team and I could not imagine the committee without her and the contribution of all her hard work.

Deanna Sjolander